Alexander H.

My wife and I recently bought our first house in Arizona. Living in Arizona we needed a pool. We knew nothing about taking care of a pool, so during our move in weekend I contacted Catalina Pools AZ. The owner came to our house to assess the pool and its equipment. He gave me a detailed report of his assessment. Everything was in working condition. Major concern is 2 spots where re-bar is starting to come through the plaster surface. He also did state that I should have the DE filter grids replaced, and sure enough, two months later we had issues with our filter…the grids collapsed and needed to be replaced. Catalina Pools AZ came out and replaced the filter parts, and then he gave me some more pointers on general maintenance.

I will be contracting Catalina Pools AZ to fix the re-bar and resurface our pool.

Thanks Michael for being honest and going out of your way to help us.

Thank you,

 Alex H.

Assistant Vice President

Designation: Assistant Vice President