Over the years, you’ve learned to grin and bear it when taking your kids to a local pool. Though annoying and often overcrowded, it’s better than having nowhere to swim. However, working with a pool repair service and installation professional is a far better option. Here are five reasons why swimming at home is better.

1. More Convenient

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you spend at least an hour getting your kids ready, packing up towels and clothes, and spend another 30 minutes fighting traffic, 15 parking at the public pool, and then 20 minutes in a packed and uncomfortable pool. Public pools provide an important service but are only sometimes enjoyable or convenient. An at-home pool is far easier to enjoy and requires minimal prep.

2. Lower Disease Risk

In a world still suffering under a pandemic, health protection is more important than ever. You can reduce your risk of disease by swimming at home instead. For example, rather than crowding your children shoulder-to-shoulder in a pool on a hot day and sharing germs, you can relax in your pool and avoid getting COVID or other illnesses.

3. Cleaner Water

It’s impossible to estimate how gross many public pools are nationwide. For example, according to TheTravel, a staggering 20% of adults in public pools pee in the pool. Even though urine is sterile and not dangerous, swimming in your pool provides cleaner and fresher water that you can easily control.

4. Less Frustrating

Remember the pool trip scenario highlighted in the first paragraph? Imagine having to do that every time you wanted to cool off during the summer. Compare that with simply walking into your backyard in your suit and hopping in the pool. Swimming at home is far less annoying than going to a public pool, which decreases stress and frustration.

5. More Affordable

While buying a pool to swim at home might seem more expensive than a public option, installing a pool with a pool repair service is more cost-efficient. That’s because you won’t have to pay for admission or travel expenses like gas. You’ll also avoid expensive restaurant bills, which are common when going swimming. Instead, you can make food for yourself and your kids and have an excellent outdoor adventure together.

All these benefits make a pool a great investment for your home. Working with a pool repair service that fully understands your needs during this process is important. Call Catalina Pools AZ, LLC if you’re interested in a pool, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure you’re satisfied.